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futureE resource management system

futureE is a resource management tool
Observe the uncertainty under each management subject use the network information tools to suppress and eliminate the uncertainty, and extract the characteristic values under each management subject to manage each department.
futureE_lab is a sub-function of the futureE system dedicated to manage testing departments or laboratory resources
futureE_lab resource management system Laboratory component
Product features
Product architecture
Product parameters
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Choose futureE, and it will make things easier

Improve the efficiency of personnel management
Make the company more orderly
Improve the efficiency of document management
Encourage the enthusiasm of the staff
Manage appointments for visit and equipment
Effectively control the mutual borrowing of experimental resources
Manage the laboratory warehouse resources

Business function
Proficient business arrangements
Staffing function
Simple staffing coordination
Software ordinating
Software progress view in real time
Laboratory management function
Reliable resource management


       List of laboratory resources

          Equipment list

          Product / Picture / Specification / Detailed configuration /

          Application guidance



       Extract the feature value for

       each management object


       Feature value monitoring


       Comprehensive information display


       Borrowing function

           Generation of borrow files/ automatic email reminders

           / timing reminder


       Management subjects

       Establish management subjects and sub-subjects according to

           the department


       Appointment function

           Select the required equipment for an appointment

           Select the date and the time period

           Select engineer

           Register the appointment information



       Inventory resources

           Product / quantity / dynamic inventory

           / warehousing in and out by code scanning

           Including all hardware scanning tools and printing label tools

futureE resource management system
Macro display
Installation environment of futureE
futureE operating environment
Minimum requirements for the server installation environment
Recommendation of PC configuration
Operating systemwin 10
ProcessorIntel; i5; quad-core
Graphics cardIndependent graphics card
Internal storage8 GB of running memory
Hard disk500GHz
BrowserGoogle Chrome 79.0.3945.130 and later
Resolution of display1920*1080
Server machine roomUninterruptible power supply, suitable temperature and humidity, dust prevention
Operating systemwin 10; 64-bit operating system
Internal storage16 GB of running memory
Hard diskStorage allocation: 1TB (adjusted depending on business requirements)

Recommendation of mobile configuration
Operating systemIOS or Android
ProcessorMainstream brand mobile phones manufactured after 2018
Internal storage> 8 GB of running memory
Hard disk>64G
BrowserGoogle Chrome 80.0.3987.119 and later versions