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We put all ourselves in the production of probe station systems!
futureD semiconductor large data system
futureD is a big data processing tool that specializes in helping customers deal with the massive amounts of data generated in semiconductor testing.
Math and physics expert teams of Eoulu, design the simplest data structure for you, make everything calculated and presented simple and fast.
futureD can build specifications from cassette-level, wafer-level to die-level for data storage and management, allowing you easily trace back to any chip data.
At the same time, you can carry out data statistics between wafers, analyze and compare wafer map, print PPT report,
which makes your daily data work easily

Product features
Product architecture
Product parameters
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futureD can help you for all this
Searching for historical data is cumbersome
There are new algorithms, but programming is still required. There is no simple tool to add directly
It's not clear why there is timeout of data calculating and loading, making users keep waiting
As the data file is too large, it is opened slowly, even cannot be opened
VB and VBA are also used to edit code or applets are used to process data files
PPT preparation takes a huge amount of time, as if the endless homework
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Multi-dimensional fast indexing of historical data
Automatic uploading
Automatic database updating
Engineering analysis
Fast extraction and analysis of offline parameters
Processing big data
Data calculation is simple and fast


       Cassette- level

       Eoulu's first graphic storage,

           wafer box graphic arrangement



        Curve superposition



        Box line






       Cumulative yield



       Reverse yield









      Die- level

      Single chip level layout

      Rapid resolution of the raw data files keeps all the data

         in order



      Wafer- level

      Eoulu is the world's first to create web vector wafermap

         wafer-level layout

      You can click on any chip to browse the data and curve

Data preservation
Wafer-level graphic display
Wafer level statistics
Report / print
Custom calculation


        SPC mean control chart



      SPC extreme value control chart



       Custom calculation

          Over 1000 function library calculations are available.

          Over 1000 forms of curve graphics are available as well.

          It is reliable with solid data,

          and all the calculations can be completed in 10 seconds.

          All reports can be printed in 60 seconds.



         Print ppt

             All data can be directly generated with images

             and saved into the ppt files.

Server machine room

Uninterruptible power supply,

suitable temperature and humidity,   dust prevention

Operating systemwin 10; 64-bit operating system
Internal storage16 GB of running memory
Hard diskAssign storage: 1TB (adjusted depending on business requirements)

Installation environment of futureD
futureD, computational and graphical capabilities
futureD operating environment
Minimum requirements for the server installation environment
Depending on the capability of server, follow the minimum requirements of the server installation environment: for greater computing and graphics capabilities, please contact the Eoulu professional engineer.
Maximum calculation for single click<= 100,000 chips; 3 single-value parameters
Typical count for single click<= 20,000 chips; 50 single-value parameters
Maximum value of drawing displaysShowing test results of 100,000 chips, the system did not crash
Typical computation time / parameters<1s All items
Curve superposition10 groups of curves, more groups of curves overlay can be expanded
Wafer map / value<120die shows clearly
CurveLogarithmic coordinates, polar coordinates, X-Y coordinates, Smithchart, 3D mesh coordinate system, more coordinate systems and curve display graphics can be added

Recommendation of PC configuration
Operating systemwin 10; 64-bit operating system
ProcessorIntel; i5; quad-core
Graphics cardIndependent graphics card
Internal storage8 GB of running memory
Hard diskDrive C is a 256GB solid-state disk
BrowserGoogle Chrome 79.0.3945.130 and later versions
Resolution of display1920*1080

Recommendation of mobile configuration
Operating systemIOS or Android
ProcessorMainstream brand mobile phones manufactured after 2018
Internal storage> 8 GB of running memory
Hard disk>64G
BrowserGoogle Chrome 80.0.3987.119 and later versions