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We put all ourselves in the production of probe station systems!
F1 probe station

Eoulu F1 probe station system

6-inch,8-inch and 12-inch, semi-automatic and fully-automatic are the same model F1

Choose F1 + futureC + instrument, and then the probe station has been configured

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The world's first evolvable and learning probe station system

Eoulu has 100% intellectual property rights

Eoulu's patented design for new digital 3.0 system architecture

Make the probe station simpler and lighter

The world's smallest 12-inch probe station, only 1m wide

Save the ultra-clean chamber cost, and make it easy to move

Dynamic mapping and static mapping systems with Eoulu copyright and patents

Make the probe station faster and more accurate

Eoulu's patents "tend 0 error (C0)" and "virtual ruler (VR)" technologies

Specialized measurement for uneven wafers

F1 architecture completely solves the uncertainty of the current probe station's measurement on the market

It is a model among the industry